4 Steps to Success

How Continuing Education Works.

1. Create Your Account.

2.  Select a Course.

  •  Select one of the 4 available Courses.  Each Course is 3 Continuing Education Hours.    

  •  Pay for your Course with a Bank Card or Credit Card. 

3.  Complete Your Course Online.

  •   Our Course Material is 100% online.

  •   Start & Stop each Course at your Convenience.  Course will pickup at the end of the Last Completed Unit. 

  •   Use a Phone, Tablet, Laptop, or Desktop Computer.  

  •   Nebraska requires a working Camera on the Device your taking the Course on.

4.  Report Your CE Hours.

  •   Upon completion of the Course.  Download Your Completion Certificate.

  •   Also, we will report your Completion Certificate directly to the Nebraska Electrical Division.